Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative - VINC
At VINC we provide local indigenous plants to schools, councils, landscape gardeners and architects and to members of the public in the north and inner-east of Melbourne.

You can place an order from this web site. We will check your order with what is currently in stock and get back to you by email or telephone with availability and prices. You can then come to our nursery in Fairfield and pick up your order at a convenient time.

We supply plants as tubestock (2" x 2" x 5"H)
(5cm x 5cm x 12.5cm) and hiko trays.
Larger plants are available in retail and on request.

Wholesale, trade and community prices available on request.
Retail Prices:
Tubestock from: Members $3.60 / non-members $4.20
Ferns and larger pots priced individually.

Download Catalogue as a PDF File

  1. Search the catalogue for plants that you want using scrollbars or the blue links to navigate to each section
  2. Click on thumbnail photos to see enlarged image
  3. Orders are subject to availability of plants - we grow our plants seasonally so not all species will be available all year round.
  4. Species marked with an asterisk (*) are rare or difficult to grow. VINC will only have small numbers of these seasonally.
NOTE: We only stock and supply plants appropriate to the North and Inner-East of Melbourne
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Acacia implexa Acacia dealbata ssp. dealbata Silver Wattle Fast growing tree with blue-green bipinate leaves. 15m x 7m. Yellow flowers Jul - Oct. Moist soils, full sun - semi-shade.
Acacia implexa Acacia implexa Lightwood Small tree 10m x 4m. Perfumed cream flowers Dec-Mar. Well-drained soil. Resents pruning. Semi-shade.
Acacia mearnsii Acacia mearnsii Black Wattle Upright dense tree with heavy canopy. 20m x 8m.
yellow flowers Sep-Dec.
Dry-moist soil. Resents pruning. Sun-shade.
Acacia melanoxylon Acacia melanoxylon Blackwood Upright dense tree with heavy canopy. 20m x 8m. Cream flowers Jul-Oct. Drought sensitive Resents pruning. Semi-shade to full sun.
Acacia pycnantha Acacia pycnantha Golden Wattle Erect or small spreading tree 8m x 4m. Profuse golden flowers Jul-Oct. Australia's floral emblem. Dry-moist, well drained soil. Full sun-part shade.
Allocasuarina littoralis Allocasuarina littoralis Black Sheoake Small upright tree. 8m x 4m.
Male and female flowers on separate plants, May-Jun.
Well drained soil, full sun.
Allocasuarina verticillata Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoake Fast growing tree 10m x 5m. Male and female flowers on separate plants, Mar-Dec. Prefers well drained soils & full sun.
Eucalyptus camaldulensis Eucalyptus camaldulensis River Red Gum Widespread in Melbourne region along waterways. Grows to 50m x 35m. White flowers Oct-Jan. Moist clay soil, full sun. Drought & flood tolerant.
Eucalyptus goniocalyx Eucalyptus goniocalyx Long Leafed Box Medium sized fast growing tree to
15 x15m. White-cream flowers Mar-Aug.
Tolerates dry poor soil, sun.
Eucalyptus leucoxylon Eucalyptus leucoxylon spp. connata Melbourne Yellow Gum Upright tree with large crown 20m x 15m. Profuse flowers May-Sep. Dry soil, sun. Drought & lime tolerant.
Eucalyptus melliodora Eucalyptus melliodora Yellow Box Variable open to dense tree 30m x 20m. Perfumed flowers Sep to Dec. Well drained soils.
Eucalyptus ovata Eucalyptus ovata var. ovata Swamp Gum Fast growing upright tree with dense canopy 25m x 20m. Flowers May to Sep. Moist soils, tolerating innundation once established.
Eucalyptus polyanthemos Eucalyptus polyanthemos ssp. vestita Red Box Slow growing medium tree 20m x 15m. Flowers Sep to Jan. Requires good drainage.
Eucalyptus radiata Eucalyptus radiata Narrow-leafed Peppermint Attractive low-branching tree with dense canopy 30m x 20m. Profuse flowers Oct to Jan. Well drained soils.
Eucalyptus tricarpa Eucalyptus tricarpa Red Ironbark Upright tree with open crown 30m x 20m. Distinctive rough black bark. Flowers profusely May to Feb. Well drained soils, drought tolerant
Eucalyptus viminalis Eucalyptus viminalis ssp. viminalis Manna Gum Large upright tree 50m x 15m. Flowers Jan to Apr. Tolerates a wide range of conditions.
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Acacia acinacea Acacia acinacea Gold Dust Wattle Small dense shrub 2m x 2m. Golden flowers Jul -Nov. Dry - moist well drained soil. Good in shade.
Acacia genistifolia Acacia genistifolia Spreading Wattle Fast growing open shrub to 3m x 3m. Prickly phyllodes make it a favourite plant for small birds. Flowers Aug - May. Tolerates a range of conditions.
Acacia montana Acacia montana var. montana Mallee Wattle Dense shrub to 4m x 5m. Locally rare. Flowers Sep - Nov. Dry well drained soils.
Acacia paradoxa Acacia paradoxa Hedge Wattle Fast growing dense shrub to 4m x 4m. Small thorns which provide refuge for birds. Golden flowers Aug-Nov. Tolerates a range of conditions.
Acacia verticillata Acacia verticillata Prickly Moses Variable open shrub 3m x 3m. Narrow leaves in whorls along branches. Flowers Jun-Dec. Moist soils, tolerates occasional waterlogging.
Banksia marginata Banksia marginata Silver Banksia Variable dense to open shrub 5 x 3m. Silver-yellow scented flowers May - Oct. Prefers well drained soils. Full sun, semi shade.
Bursaria spinosa Bursaria spinosa ssp. spinosa Sweet Bursaria Rounded shrub 5m x 3m. Masses of fragrant flowers Dec. - Mar. Moist, well drained soils..
Callistemon sieberi Callistemon sieberi River Bottlebrush Open to dense weeping shrub 6m x 4m. Cream - pink pale flowers Nov - Dec. Prefers moist soil but drought tolerant once established.
Cassinia aculeata Cassinia aculeata Dogwood Upright open shrub 3m x 2m. Dense cream flowers Nov - Mar. Moist soils, semi-shade.
Cassinia arcuata Cassinia arcuata Drooping Cassinia Open weeping shrub 3m x 2m. Aromatic foliage. Beige flowers Nov - Apr. Well drained soils.
Cassinia longifolia Cassinia longifolia Cauliflower bush Medium upright shrub with blue green foliage 3m x 2m. Cauliflower shaped flowerheads Nov - Mar. Well drained soils, drought tolerant.
Coprosma quadrifida Coprosma quadrifida Prickly Currant Bush Dense shrub 2-4 x 2m. Red berries Dec-Feb. Moist soil, semi-shade. Prune regularly. Drought sensitive.
Correa glabra Correa glabra Rock Correa Fast growing shrub 2 x 2m. Yellow- green flowers Feb-Sep. Dry soil, semi-shade. Drought & lime tolerant.
Correa reflexa Correa reflexa Native Fuchsia Spreading shrub 1.5m x 1.5m. Flowers vary from green to red over the Melbourne region Mar - Sep. Well drained soils.
Davesia leptophylla *Daviesia leptophylla Narrow-leaf Bitter Pea Open branching shrub to 1.5 x 1m. Clusters of orange red flowers Aug -Nov. Dry well drained soils.
Dillwynia cinerascens *Dillwynia cinerascens Grey Parrot-Pea Understorey shrub to 1 x 1m. Yellow red flowers Aug -Nov. Well drained soils, semi shade.
Dillwynia phylicoides *Dillwynia phylicoides Small leaf Parrot-Pea Erect shrub 1.5 x 1.5m. Profuse yellow - orange flowers Sep - Dec. Well drained soils, semi shade.
Dodonaea viscosa Dodonaea viscosa Wedge-leaf Hop Bush Dense shrub, 2 x 1.5m. Dark red papery capsules Oct-Dec. Dry soil, full sun. Hardy, drought and lime tolerant.
Eutaxia microphylla Eutaxia microphylla var. microphylla Small leafed Eutaxia Low growing densely branched shrub to 1 x 1m. Yellow orange flowers Aug - Nov. Moist soil, semi-shade. Drought tolerant.
Eutaxia microphylla v. *Eutaxia microphylla var. diffusa Spreading Eutaxia Dense upright shrub to 1 x 1m. Yellow red flowers Aug - Nov. Well drained soils, full sun.
Goodenia ovata Goodenia ovata Hop Goodenia Dense shrub, 2 x 2m. Profuse yellow flowers most of the year. Moist soil, semi-shade. Drought tolerant.
Goodia lotifolia Goodia lotifolia Golden tip Fast growing open shrub, 3 x 2m. Profuse yellow pea flowers Sep - Dec. Well drained soils.
Grevillea rosmarinifolia Grevillea ssp. aff. rosmarinifolia Rosemary Grevillea Dense shrub resembling rosemary, 2 x 2m. Abundant red
flowers May - Nov.
Dry soil, full
sun. Resents poor drainage.
Hakea decurrens *Hakea decurrens ssp. physocarpa Bushy Needlewood Slow growing dense shrub, 4 x 2m. Masses of fragrant white - pink flowers May - Sep. Adaptable to most conditions.
Hakea nodosa *Hakea nodosa Yellow Hakea Fast growing dense shrub, 3 x 2m. Yellow fragrant flowers May - Aug. Adaptable to most conditions.
Indigofera australis Indigofera australis Austral Indigo Delicate shrub, 1.5 x 1.5m. Mauve-pink scented flowers Aug-Dec. Dry soil, semi-shade. Good under trees.
Kunzea leptospermoides Kunzea leptospermoides Burgan
Dense shrub, 2-4 x 2m. Fluffy white flowers Nov-Feb. Moist soil, full sun. Very hardy and drought tolerant.
Leptospermum continentale Leptospermum continentale Prickly Tea-tree Upright, dense shrub, 2 x 2m. Masses of white flowers Oct-Dec. Tolerates a range of conditions.
Leptospermum grandifolium Leptospermum grandifolium Mountain Tea-tree Large rounded shrub, 4 x 2m. Large white flowers Dec - Feb. Moist soils, semi shade.
Leptospermum lanigerum Leptospermum lanigerum Woolly Tea-tree Dense shrub, 3 x 2m. Many white flowers Sep-Dec. Moist soil, semi-shade. Drought and lime tolerant.
Leptospermum obovatum Leptospermum obovatum River Tea-tree Dense, erect, aromatic shrub, 2-4 x 2m. Creamy white flowers Nov-Jan. Moist soils, semi-shade to full sun.
Melaleuca ericifolia Melaleuca ericifolia Swamp Paperbark Shrub to small tree, 2-5 x 3m. Small cream scented flowers, Oct-Nov. Moist soil, sun. Drought, lime tolerant.
Melicytus dentatus Melicytus dentatus Tree Violet Shrub, 2x2m. Yellow scented flowers Sep-Dec, followed by green-purple berries. Moist soil, semi-shade.
Myoporum insulare Myoporum insulare Common Boobialla Dense large shrub with large waxy leaves, 5 x 3m. White flowers Sep - Dec. Prefers well drained soil, full sun.
Myoporum petiolatum Myoporum petiolatum Sticky Boobialla Small dense shrub, 2 x 2m. White flowers Aug-Oct. Dry soil, sun.
Myrsine howittiana * *Myrsine howittiana Muttonwood Tall shrub with large waxy leaves, 8 x 4m. Leathery, glossy dark leaves. Small cream flowers followed by fleshy blue drupes in Dec - Mar. Prefers well drained soil, full sun.
Olearia lirata Olearia lirata Snowy Daisy bush Soft open shrub with grey-blue leaves 4 x 2 m. Masses of white daisy flowers, Sep - May. Moist soils, semi shade.
Olearia ramulosa Olearia ramulosa Twiggy Daisy-bush Spreading shrub, 1.5 x 1.5 m. White-mauve flowers, Sept-May. Dry soil, full sun. Hardy, drought tolerant.
Ozothamnus ferrugineus Ozothamnus ferrugineus Tree Everlasting Open shrub, 3 x 1.5m. Small white flowers in large clusters, Nov-Feb. Moist soil, full sun. Drought sensitive.
Ozothamnus obcordatus Ozothamnus obcordatus Grey Everlasting Erect shrub, 1.5 x 1m. Yellow flowers in clusters, Oct - Jan. Well drained dry soil, full sun. Drought tolerant.
Pomaderris aspera Pomaderris aspera Hazel Pomaderris
Fast growing shrub, 3 x 1.5m. Woolly buff flowers Oct-Nov. Moist soil, semi-shade. Drought sensitive.
Pomaderris prunifolia Pomaderris prunifolia Plum-leaf Pomaderris
Open rounded shrub, 3 x 3m. Pale yellow flowers Oct-Nov. Moist well drained soils.
Prostanthera lasianthos var. lasianthos Prostanthera lasianthos var. lasianthos Victorian Christmas Bush
Tall shrub with aromatic leaves, 7 x 4m. Fragrant flowers Nov - Feb. Moist soils, semi shade.
Pultenaea daphnoides Pultenaea daphnoides Large-leaf Bush Pea
Open branching shrub, 3 x 1m. Large yellow-orange flowers Aug - Nov. Well drained soils.
Pultenaea gunnii ssp. gunnii *Pultenaea gunnii ssp. gunnii Golden Bush Pea
Wiry shrub, 1.5 x 1m. Bright yellow-red flowers Sep - Nov. Well drained soils.
Rhagodia candolleana ssp. candolleana Rhagodia candolleana ssp. candolleana Seaberry saltbush
Dense sprawling shrub, 2 x 5m. Dark red berries Feb - Mar. Fire retardant. Well drained soils, drought tolerant.
Rhagodia parabolica Rhagodia parabolica Fragrant saltbush
Dense spreading aromatic shrub with blue-grey leaves, 2 x 2m. Small red berriess Oct - Dec. Well drained soils.
Rubus parvifolius Rubus parvifolius Native Raspberry Rambling small shrub, 2 x 3m. Pink flowers Oct - Feb followed by fruit Nov - Mar. Moist soil, semi-shade.
Solanum aviculare Solanum aviculare Kangaroo Apple Fast growing shrub, 4 x 4m. Large purple flowers followed by orange fruit. Well drained moist soils, requires pruning.
Solanum laciniatum Solanum laciniatum Large Kangaroo Apple Fast growing shrub, 3 x 3m. Purple flowers Sep-Mar followed by yellow fruit. Moist well drained soils, short lived.
Spyridium parvifolium *Spyridium parvifolium Dusty Miller Dense upright shrub, 1-3 x 1-2m. White flowers Jul-Nov. Well-drained, moist-dry soil, part-shade.
Teucrium corymbosum *Teucrium corymbosum Forest Germander Erect small shrub, 1.5 x 1.5m. White flowers Aug-Apr. Well-drained soils, semi shade.
Viminaria juncea Viminaria juncea Native Broom Tall slender shrub, 5 x 2m. Sprays of yellow pea flowers Oct-Feb. Moist poorly drained soils, full sun.
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Adiantum aethiopicum Adiantum aethiopicum Common Maidenhair Finely fronded small fern with delicate foliage, 45 x 45cm. Moist soils, semi-shade.
Cheilanthes sieberi *Cheilanthes sieberi ssp. sieberi Narrow Rock Fern Open fern spreading by rhizomes, 40 x 40cm. Well-drained soils. Suits rockeries.
Doodia australis Doodia australis Common Rasp Fern Clump forming fern, 60 x 60cm. Moist, well-drained soil, semi-shade.
Marsilea drummondii Marsilea drummondii Common Nardoo. Semi-aquatic fern with floating fronds resembling a four-leafed clover. Damp and flood prone soils, pond edges.
Pellaea falcata Pellaea falcata Sickle Fern Open fern with long fishbone fronds, 75 x 60cm. Moist, well-drained soil, semi-shade - full shade.
Pteris tremula *Pteris tremula Tender Brake Tufted erect fern with large fronds, locally rare. Moist soils, semi-shade - full shade.
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Anthosachne scabrus * Anthosachne scabra Common Wheat-grass Tufted grass 20 x 40cm. Large flower spikelets Oct-Jan. Well drained soils.
Austrostipa bigenicultata Austrostipa bigeniculata Kneed Speargrass Slender tussock, 40 x 40cm. Soft, Flower spikes 1m. Well-drained soil.
Austrostipa elegantissima Austrostipa elegantissima Feather Speargrass Large tussock, 60 x 60cm. Feathery flower spikes - 1m. Dry, well-drained soils.
Austrostipa mollis Austrostipa mollis Feather Speargrass Erect tussock, 60 x 60cm. Dense flower spikes to 1.5m. Moist, well-drained soils.
Austrostipa rudis ssp. rudis Austrostipa rudis ssp. rudis Veined Speargrass Tufted tussock, 50 x 50cm. Open flower spike - 1.2m. Moist soils, semi-shade.
Austrostipa scabra ssp. falcata Austrostipa scabra ssp. falcata Slender Speargrass Fine tussock, 30 x 30cm. Silky flower spikes to 80cm. Well drained soils.
Austrostipa semibarbata Austrostipa semibarbata Fibrous Speargrass Tussock forming grass, 40 x 40cm. Plume-like flowerheads - 1.2m. Well drained soils..
Bothriochloa macra *Bothriochloa macra Red-leg Grass Small summer growing grass 20x20cm. Red flower spikes 1.2m. Well drained clay soils.
Chloris Truncata Chloris truncata Windmill Grass Small tufted grass 20x20cm. Large windmill shaped flowerhead - 60cm. Heavy soils, full sun.
Deyeuxia quadriseta *Deyeuxia quadriseta Reed Bent-Grass Sparse tussock 40 x 40cm. Dense flower spikes - 1.5m. Moist heavy soils.
Dichanthium sericium Dichantheum sericium ssp. sericium Silky Blue-grass Summer growing tussock 30 x30cm. Silky flower spikes - 80cm Heavy soils.
Dichelacne crinita Dichelachne crinita Long-hair Plume Grass Small tussock 30 x30cm. Long silky flower spike to 1m. Well drained soils.
Hemarthria uncinata Hemarthria uncinata var. uncinata Mat Grass Rhizomatous green perennial which in ideal conditions forms a lawn. 30cm x 2m Moist, waterlogged heavy soils.
Microlaena stipoides Microlaena stipoides var. stipoides Weeping Grass Slender perennial grass to 70cm. Green drooping flowerhead Sep-Dec. Good lawn grass. Moist soils, semi-shade.
Poa ensiformis Poa ensiformis Purple-sheath Tussock Grass Tussock forming grass, 1.5m x 1.2m. Erect flowerhead Oct-Mar. Moist soils.
Poa labillardierei Poa labillardierei var. labillardierei Common Tussock Grass Large dense tussock, 1.2 x 1m. Open flower spike Oct-Mar. Moist soils, full sun - semi shade.
Poa morrisii Poa morrisii Velvet Tussock Grass Soft, velvety tussock of blue-green leaves 1m x 60cm high. Small flower spike Oct-Nov. Well-drained soils.
Poa sieberiana Poa sieberiana var. sieberiana Grey Tussock Grass Dense grey-green tussock, 80 x 80cm. Open flower spike Oct-Mar. Well drained soils.
Rytidosperma caespitosa Rytidosperma caespitosum Common Wallaby Grass Dense tussock 1m x 50cm. Fluffy flower spikes Sep-Dec. Moist soils.
Rytidosperma duttonianum Rytidosperma duttonianum Brown-back Wallaby Grass Erect tufted perennial. Flower spike Oct - Jan. Moist poorly drained soils.
Rytidosperma fulvum Rytidosperma fulvum Copper-awned Wallaby Grass Tussock 60 x 60cm with dense fluffy flower spike Nov - Mar. Dry rocky soils.
Rytidosperma geniculatum Rytidosperma geniculatum Kneed Wallaby Grass Finely bladed grass 30 x 30cm. Abundant & densely fluffy flower spikes Oct-Dec. Can be used as a lawn substitute. Moist soils.
Rytidosperma racemosum Rytidosperma racemosum Slender Wallaby Grass Open tussock of slender leaves 20 x 20cm. Flower spikes to 80cm. A good lawn alternative. Well-drained soils.
Rytidosperma setaceum Rytidosperma setaceum var. setaceum Bristly Wallaby Grass Densely tufted slender grass 60 x 40cm Flower spike Oct-Jan. Adaptable to most conditions.
Themeda triandra Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass Erect tussock with re-purple tinged leaves. 1m x 60cm. Golden flower spikes Sep-Mar. Adaptable to most conditions.
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Baumea juncea *Baumea juncea Bare Twig-sedge Slender blue-grey clump, spreading rhizomotously. Chestneuut brown flower spikes Sep-Feb. Moist-wet soils, bog gardens
Bolboschoenus medianus Bolboschoenus medianus Marsh Club-rush Tussock forming perennial to 2m. Furry brown spikelets Oct-Jan. Full sun. Shallow water and ponds.
Bolboschoenus caldwellii Bolboschoenus caldwellii Salt-Club-sedge Grass-like spreading sedge 1m x spreading. Furry brown flowerheas Oct-Feb. Dies down in winter. Shallow water and ponds.
Carex appressa Carex appressa Tall Sedge Dense robust tussock, 1.2-1.2x1m. Dense flower spikes Aug-Jan. Moist boggy soils
Carex fasicularis Carex fasicularis Tassel Sedge Tufted sedge to 1m. Large drooping flowerhead Oct-Apr. Moist soils, semi-shade
Carex inversa Carex fasicularis Knob Sedge Loosely tufted sedge 40cm x 40cm. Cream-brown flower spikes Sep-Apr. Moist soils, semi-shade
Carex iynx Carex iynx Tussock Sedge Tufted rhizomatous sedge 60cm x 60cm. Chestnut flowerheads Sep-Feb. Moist-wet soils, semi-shade
Carex tasmanica Carex tasmanica Curly Sedge Densely tufted sedge with distinctive curly leaves. Flowers Sep-Nov. Locally rare. Wet heavy soils
Carex tereticaulis Carex tereticaulis Hollow Sedge Large dense tussock 1x1m. Hollow flower spikes Aug-Nov. Flower spikes are a useful weaving material. Moist-wet heavy soils.
Centipedia cunninghamii Centipedia cunninghamii Common Sneezeweed Sprawling perennial herb with aromatic foliage 40 x 30cm. Foliage used to treat coughs & colds by local Kooris and early settlers. Moist-wet soil,
full sun. Bog gardens & pond edge.
Eleocharis acuta Eleocharis acuta Common Spike-sedge Rhizomatous semi-aquatic sedge 50cm high. Furry white flowerheads Sep-Apr. Shallow ponds in heavy soils.
Ficinia nodosa Ficinia nodosa Knobby Club-sedge Densely tufted sedge, 60cm x 1m. Distinctive spherical flowerheads all year. Moist sandy soil.
Hydrocotyle verticillata Hydrocotyle verticillata Shield Pennywort Spreading perennial herb with circular leaves. Small cream flowers Nov-Apr. Wet soils - shallow ponds.
Juncus amabilis Juncus amabilis Hollow Rush Grey-green leaved tussock 1m x 50cm. Brown flowerheads Oct - Dec. Wet & well drained soils.
Juncus holoschoenus Juncus holoschoenus Joint-leaf Rush Open clumping perennial 60 x 30cm. Clusters of star shaped flowerheads Oct - Dec. Can colonise gardens. Moist - wet soils. Full sun.
Juncus pallidus Juncus pallidus Pale Rush Robust large rush 2m x 1m. Large brown flower spikes Oct - Jan. Moist - wet soils.
Juncus subsecundus Juncus subsecundus Finger Rush Tufted perennial with blue-green stems 90 x 90cm. Open flowerheads Oct - Jan. Seasonally wet sites, full sun.
Juncus usitatis Juncus usitatus Billabong Rush Dense tussock with yellow-green stems 1m x 1.2m. Open flowerheads Nov - Feb. Damp - wet soils, full sun - semi shade.
Mentha australis Mentha australis River Mint Sprawling herb 50 x 50cm with fragrant foliage. White flowers Sep-Mar. Moist
soils, semi-shade.
Myriophyllum crispatum Myriophyllum crispatum Upright Water-milfoil. Perennial herb in shallow water with fine, feathery foliage, 30 x 50cm tall. Red flowers Oct-Jan. Shallow-deep water, sun.
Persicaria_decipiens Ornduffia reniformis Running Marsh Flower Spreading glossy-leafed water lily 50cm x 2m. Bright yellow flowers Oct - Mar. Shallow ponds.
Persicaria decipiens Persicaria decipiens Slender Knotweed Spreading herb with red veinal leaves 60cm x 1m. Pink flowers Dec-Apr. Moist - wet soils.
ranunculus inundatus Ranunculus inundatus River Buttercup Spreading semi-aquatic perennial 25cm x 1m. Glossy yellow flowers Sep - Feb. Shallow ponds.
ranunculus lappaceus Ranunculus lappaceus Australian Buttercup Tufted perennial herb 60 x 60cm. Golden flowers Aug - Dec. Moist wet soils.
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani River Club-Sedge Spreading perennial sedge 1.5 - 3m. Brown flowerheads Nov-Apr. Wet soils, shallow ponds.
Selliera radicans Selliera radicans Swampweed Matting prostrate herb 5cm x 1m. Cream fan shaped flowers Oct to Apr. Moist - wet soils
Xerochrysum palustre Xerochrysum palustre Swamp Everlasting Spreading perenial herb 80cm x 1m. Everlasting daisy flower Nov to Mar. Moist - wet heavy soils
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Arthropodium fimbriatum Arthropodium fimbriatum Nodding Chocolate-Lily Slender tussocked lily 40 x 40cm. Mauve scented flowers Sep-Jan. Dies back after flowering, reshooting in Autumn Dry well drained soils.
Arthropodium milleflorum Arthropodium milleflorum Pale Vanilla Lily Tussocked lily with blue-green leaves, 50 x 30cm. Pale mauve flowers Nov-Feb. Moist well drained soils.
arthropodium strictum Arthropodium strictum Chocolate Lily Small tussocked lily with deep green leaves 30 x 20cm. Deep purple flowers Sep-Dec, caramel or chocolate scented. Dies back after flowering, reshooting in Autumn. Well drained soils.
Asperula conferta *Asperula conferta Common Woodruff Delicate spreading herb 20cm x 1m. Small white flowers Sep-Dec. Moist well draned soils, semi shade.
Brachyscome basaltica var. gracilis Brachyscome basaltica var. gracilis Basalt Swamp-Daisy Spreading perennial herb 40cm x 60cm. Delicate white daisy flowers Sep-Feb. Moist soils, full sun.
Brachyscome diversifolia Brachyscome diversifolia Large Headed Daisy Perennial or annual herb with hairy foliage 20 x 50cm. Large daisy flowers Oct-Jan. Close to extinction in Melbourne. Well drianed soils.
Brachyscome multifida Brachyscome multifida Cut-leaf Daisy Dense perennial herb 40cm x 70cm. Lilac daisy flowers most of the year. Moist heavy soils, tolerates drying out.
Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine Lily Erect tufted lily with hollow circular leaves 50cm x 30cm. Yellow star shaped flowers Sep-Jan. Dies back after flowering, reshooting in Autumn. Moist heavy soils.
Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine semibarbata Leek Lily Tufted lily 50cm x 40cm. Densely clustered flower spikes with yellow flowers Sep-Dec. Can self seed in gardens. Well drained soils.
Calocephalus citreus Calocephalus citreus Lemon Beauty Heads Tufted perennial herb with grey foliage. Lemon coloured flowers Oct-Feb. Adaptable to a range of conditions.
Chrysocephalum apiculatum Chrysocephalum apiculatum Common Everlasting Dense spreading herb with silver-grey foliage. Clusters of button shaped flowers most of the year peaking Sep-Dec. Well drained soils, full sun.
Chrysocephalum semipapposum (Gully form) Chrysocephalum semipapposum (Gully form) Clustered Everlasting Robust perennial with hairy green foliage 50 x 50cm. Clusters of yellow flowers Oct-Jan. Moist soils.
Chrysocephalum semipapposum (Plains) Chrysocephalum semipapposum (Plains form) Clustered Everlasting Dense perennial with silver-grey fine foliage 60 x 40cm. Clusters of orange flowers Oct-Jan. Prefers heavy soils.
Coronidium gunnianum Coronidium gunnianum Pale Everlasting Spreading herb with grey foliage, 50cm x 1m. Pale yellow flowers Sep-Mar. Moist well drained soils.
Coronidium scorpioides Coronidium scorpioides Button Everlasting Wooly herb 30cm x 30cm. Yellow button shaped flowers Sep-Dec. Moist well drained soils.
Craspedia paludicola Craspedia paludicola Swamp Billy-buttons Tussock forming herb 70 x 30cm. Large round yellow flowers Oct-Jan. Moist boggy soil, full sun.
Craspedia variabilis Craspedia variabilis Common Billy-buttons Wooly herb with blue-green foliage 60 x 30cm. Yellow flowers Sep-Nov. Moist soils.
Dianella admixta *Dianella admixta Black-anthered Flax Lily Spreading perennial with stiff blue-green leaves 80cm x 1m. Clusters of purple flowers followed by berries Sep-Jan. Tolerant to most conditions once established.
Dianella amoena Dianella amoena Matted Flax Lily Mat forming perennial lily with narrow foliage 45cm x 1.5m. Dense clusters of purple flowers Oct-Feb. National endangered Adaptable to a range of conditions.
Dianella laevis var. laevis *Dianella laevis var. laevis Pale Flax Lily Compact dense lily with glossy green foliage 1m x 50cm. Pale purple-blue flowers on tall spikes Sep-Jan. Moist clay/clay-loam soils.
Dianella sp. aff. longifolia (Benambra) Dianella sp. aff. longifolia (Benambra) Arching Flax-lily Densely tufted lily with blue-green leaves 1m x 1m. Fragrant blue-purple flowers Nov-Jan. Well drained soils.
Dianella tasmanica *Dianella tasmanica Tasman Flax-lily Vigorous tufted lily 1.5mx2m. Purple flowers followed by large berries Oct-Feb. Moist soils, semi-shade.
Eryngium ovinum Eryngium ovinum Blue Devil Small prickly herb with blue-green foliage 60x50cm. Round blue prickly flower heads Nov-Feb. Moist soils.
Geranium carolinii *Geranium carolinii Large-flower Crane's-bill Trailing perennial herb 25cm x 70cm. Pink flowers Sep-Mar. Locally endangered. Well drained soils, full sun.
Geranium carolinii *Geranium solanderi var. solanderi Austral Crane's-bill Trailing herb 25cm x 50cm. Small pink flowers Oct-Jan. Locally vulnerable. Well drained soils, full sun.
Goodenia pinnatifida *Goodenia pinnatifida Mother Ducks Small herb, sometimes spreading 30 x 50cm. Small yellow flowers most of the year. Locally rare. Seasonally moist soil, full sun.
Haloragis heterophylla Haloragis heterophylla Varied Raspwort Slender herb 40 x 40cm. Clusters of small red flowers Sep-Feb. Moist heavy soils.
Lagenophora stipata Lagenophora stipata Blue Bottle-daisy Small herb 25 x 15cm. Mauve flowers arising from rosettes Sep-Jan. Moist soils.
Leptorhynchos squamatus Leptorhynchos squamatus ssp. squamatus Scaly Buttons Low spreading herb with hairy foliage, 40 x 40cm. Yellow button flowers Sep-Dec. Moist well drained soils.
Leptorhynchos tenuifolius *Leptorhynchos tenuifolius Wiry Buttons Wiry herb with fine foliage 80 x 40cm. Abundant button flowers Oct-Feb. Well drained soils.
Linum marginale Linum marginale Native Flax Slender herb 80 x 30cm. Blue flowers Sep-Mar. Moist well drained soils.
Lomandra filiformis *Lomandra filiformis ssp. coriacea Wattle Mat-rush Small spreading herb with flat leathery leaves 30 x 60cm. Male & female flowers on separate plants Sep-Mar. Moist, well drained soil.
Lomandra longifolia Lomandra longifolia var. longifolia Spiny-headed Mat-rush Dense large tussock 1 x 1.2m. Male & female flowers on separate plants, both beige-cream in centre of tussock Sep-Feb. Tolerant of a range of conditions, prefers moist soils.
Microseris lanceolata Microseris lanceolata Yam Daisy Delicate herb which regenerates annually from an edible tuber, 50 x 20cm. Yellow flowers Jul-Dec. Moist well drained soils.
Microseris scapigera Microseris scapigera Plains Yam Daisy Tufted perennial herb 50 x 35cm. Yellow flowers followed by fluffy seed heads Jul-Feb. Moist heavy soils.
Pelargonium australe Pelargonium australe Austral Storks-bill Clumping herb with red tinged foliage 60 x 80cm. Clusters of pink flowers most of the year. Well-drained soils.
Pimelea glauca *Pimelea glauca Smooth Rice-flower Branching small shrub 60 x 60cm. Clusters of cream flowers Aug-Dec. Well drained dry soils.
Podolepis  sp.1 Podolepis sp.1 Basalt Podolepis Tufted perennial herb 60 x 30cm. Large yellow flowers Sep-Nov. Moist soils.
Pycnosorus chrysanthes Pycnosorus chrysanthes Golden Billy-buttons Branching herb with grey foliage 60 x 50cm. Round yellow flowers Aug-Jan. Moist heavy soils.
Rhodanthe anthemoides Rhodanthe anthemoides Chamomile Spray Compact herb with blue-green foliage 40 x 50cm. Abundant papery white-yellow daisy flowerheads Sep-Nov. Well drained soils.
stylidium armeria Stylidium armeria Thrift-leaved Trigger Plant Tufted perennial with glossy dark green leaves 80 x 30cm. Magenta flowers Aug-Feb. Moist well drained soils.
stylidium graminifolium Stylidium graminifolium Grass-leaf Trigger Plant Erect perennial with blue-green leaves 70 x 40cm. Pale pink flowers Aug-Nov. Well drained soils.
Vittadinia muelleri Vittadinia muelleri New Holland Daisy Small herb with fine green foliage 30 x30cm. Small purple flowers followed by fluffy seed heads Aug-Mar. Well drained soils.
Wahlenbergia communis Wahlenbergia communis Tufted Bluebell Vigorous spreading herb 40 x 60cm. Star shaped blue flowers most of the year. Moist well drained soil.
Wahlenbergia gracilis Wahlenbergia gracilis Australian Bluebell Sprawling herb 60 x 60cm. Tiny blue flowers most of the year. Self seeds readily in gardens Adaptable to most conditions.
Wahlenbergia stricta Wahlenbergia stricta ssp. stricta Tall Bluebell Clumping perennial 50 x 40cm. Large blue flowers Sep-Feb. Well drained soils.
Xerochrysum viscosum Xerochrysum viscosum Sticky Everlasting Branched herb with dark green sticky foliage 90x80cm. Papery yellow flowers Aug-Mar. Well drained soils.
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Acaena echinata Acaena echinata Sheep's Burr Perennial herb 40 x 60cm. Tiny white flowers on spikes followed by burrs Aug-Nov. Moist soils.
Acaena novae-zelandiae Acaena novae-zelandiae Bidgee widgee Vigorous trailing herb 10cm x 2m wide. Reddish spherical burrs follow flowers Oct-Feb. Burrs can be a problem in high traffic areas of gardens. Adaptable to most conditions.
Atriplex semibaccata Atriplex semibaccata Berry Saltbush Spreading perennial with silver grey leaves 30cm x 1.5m. Small red berries Nov-Feb. Adaptable to most conditions.
Billardiera scandens *Billardiera scandens Velvet Apple-berry Twining shrub with hairy foliage 80 x 80cm. Green bell shaped flowers followed by fleshy drupes Sep-Feb. Well drained soils.
Bossiaea prostrata *Bossiaea prostrata Creeping Bossiaea Trailing herb with small leathery foliage 15cm x 1m. Delicate orange-red pea flowers Oct-Nov. Well drained soils, semi shade.
Calocephalus lactus Calocephalus lactus Milky Beauty Heads Sprawling herb with grey foliage 30 x 60cm. White globular flowers Nov-Feb. Moist soils, Tolerates inundation.
Calotis scapigera Calotis scapigera Tufted Burr Daisy Tufted perennial herb, spreading by stolons 40cm x 1m. Daisy flowers followed by burrs Oct-Mar. Moist heavy soils.
Carpobrotus modestus Carpobrotus modestus Pigface Spreading succulent perennial 10cm x 2m. Small purple flowers Aug-Jan. Well drained soil, full sun.
clematis aristata *Clematis aristata Old Man's Beard Vigorous climber, climbing to 10m. Star shaped white flowers Oct-Nov. Moist soils, semi shade - full shade.
clematis microphylla Clematis microphylla Small-leafed Clematis Dense climber to 5m. Masses of star shaped flowers Jul-Oct. Well drained soils.
Convolvulus angustissimus ssp. angustissimus *Convolvulus angustissimus ssp. angustissimus Blushing Bindweed Fast growing twining perennial 60cm x 1m. Pink flowers Aug-Feb. Well drained soils, full sun.
Convolvulus angustissimus ssp. omnigracilis *Convolvulus angustissimus ssp. omnigracilis Slender Bindweed Finely twined perennial 60cm x 1m. Deep pink flowers Aug-Feb. Heavy soils.
Cullen tenax Cullen tenax Emu's Foot Trailing perennial herb with dark green foliage. Clusters of mauve flowers Aug-Mar. Endangered in Victoria Moist soils.
Desmodium gunnii Desmodium gunnii Southern Tick-trefoil Scrambling herb with trifoliate leaves 20cm x 1m. Small pale pink flowers Aug-Mar. Moist soils, semi-shade.
Desmodium varians *Desmodium varians Slender Tick-trefoil Slender trailing herb 20cm x 50cm. Cream flowers Sep-Mar. Locally endangered. Well drained soils.
Dichondra repens Dichondra repens Kidney Weed Prostrate creeping herb 5cm x 1m. Can be used as an alternative to lawn. Tiny white star shaped flowers Sep-Jan. Moist soils, semi to full-shade.
Disphyma crassifolium Disphyma crassifolium ssp. clavellatum Rounded Noon-flower Spreading succulent herb 10cm x 2m. Daisy like pink-magenta flowers Oct-Feb. Adaptable to most soils, full sun.
Einadia hastata Einadia hastata Saloop Branching prostrate herb 20cm x 60cm. Red tinged foliage. Red berries Sep-Feb. Well drained soils.
einadia nutans Einadia nutans ssp. nutans Nodding Saltbush Sprawling shrub 30cm x 1m. Red berries Nov-Apr. Dry soils.
einadia trigonos Einadia trigonos ssp. trigonos Lax Goosefoot Straggling perennial 30cm x 2m. Bright green foliage. Dry black berries Nov-Apr. Moist well drained soils, semi shade.
Enchylaena tomentosa Enchylaena tomentosa var. tomentosa Ruby Saltbush. Prostrate herb with hairy blue-green foliage. Bright red berries Sep-Apr. Very aqdaptable to most conditions, drought tolerant.
Glycine clandestina Glycine clandestina Twining Glycine Slender twiner 30cm x 1m. Spreads by layering. Mauve pea flowers
Moist well drained soils, semi shade.
Glycine microphylla Glycine microphylla Small-leaf Glycine Trifoliate twiner forming dense mats 30cm x 1m. Purple flowers Oct-Apr. Moist wet soils, semi shade - full shade.
Glycine tabacina Glycine tabacina Vanilla Glycine Trailing herb 30cm x 1m. Pale purple pea flowers Oct-May. Well drained soils.
Goodenia humilis Goodenia humilis Swamp Goodenia Spreading perennial herb 10cm x 1m. Yellow flowers Nov-Mar. Moist-wet soils.
Hardenbergia violacea Hardenbergia violacea Purple Coral Pea Wiry scrambler with leathery foliage. Large clusters of deep purple flowers Jul-Nov. Well drained soils.
Kennedia prostrata Kennedia prostrata Running Postman Trailing perennial 10cm x 1.2m. Large red pea flowers Aug-Dec. Well drained soils.
Lobelia pedunculata Lobelia pedunculata Matted pratia Dense matting perernnial 10cm x 2m. Masses of star shaped blue flowers Nov-Feb. Moist - wet soils.
Pultenaea pedunculata Pultenaea pedunculata Matted Bush-pea Dense matting shrub 20cm x 2m. Masses of orange-red pea flowers Sep-Dec. Well drained soils.
Scutellaria humilis Scutellaria humilis Dwarf Skull Cap Delicate perennial herb 15 x 60cm. Small pink flowers Oct-Apr. Moist soils, semi-shade - full-shade.
Veronica gracilis Veronica gracilis Slender Speedwell Slender spreading perennial 30cm x 1m. Mauve flowers, Sep-Feb. Moist soil, semi-shade.
Viola hederacea Viola hederacea Ivy-leaf Violet Spreading herb with dark green foliage 15cm x 1m. Violet & white flowers Oct-Dec. Moist soils
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